Monthly Archives: October 2013

Our Improper Use of the Word Love

There is a phenomenon that is largely prevalent in my generation and the generations younger than me.  It is the overuse and incorrect use of the word love.  I think that mass advertising has had a huge impact on this trend.  Have you ever stopped to really listen to the garbage coming out of your […]

Leading With Joy in Parenting

Lately I have seen a lot of articles on how our culture is fearful of children.  There is even a new phobia of pregnant women that has been in the news.  Time ran a piece on child free living a while back.  All of these articles make me deeply sad for these people.  When I […]

Coffee and Writing

I am starting to write my first novel; by hand.

My First Ever Short Story-A Very Rough Draft-Lacks Punctuation for Dialogue

Hello!  My name is Alexandra.  Most people call me Alex or Alexis, but I prefer Alexandra.  No one really cares to ask me my preference, so I gave up on correcting people long ago.  I want to tell you my story.  I have heard my whole life that I am worthless and that my mom […]


I have learned a lot about writing in the last two days.  I have had the most intense days of writing that I have ever experienced.  Characters pressed themselves upon me and I had to put pen to page, literally.  I have written 36 pages by hand in two days.  Not only that, I have […]

What a Church Divided Needs: Conversion

The American Catholic Church is divided.  This is evidenced by the media, research, and just by being involved in my local parish.  We argue and fight about doctrine constantly.  Somewhere down the line in the last 50 years being Catholic has become what “I” believe and not what Holy Mother Church has taught for 2000 […]

What I Really Am Thinking While I Pray at Planned Parenthood

  I have learned a lot in the three years that I have participated in 40 Days for Life and have prayed outside of Planned Parenthood.  The first time that I went, was when I was five months pregnant with my daughter.  It actually was not a good experience the first time because someone tried […]