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Book Review: Glitter Girl

I recently joined the Book Review Team for  Here is my first review.  It is a teen novel for girls in middle school and older.  Click on the picture below to read my review of Glitter Girl.

A Response to Feminism’s Clarion Call to Be “Self-Made”

I saw yet another article condemning stay-at-home moms as second class citizens. Quite frankly, the author is not worth the link in on my blog. She is worth prayers, but not a link. The argument is always the same: The self-made, individualist, materialistic, selfish woman is the REAL woman of the 21st Century. Let’s call […]

Small Success Thursday: Protecting Our Children Edition

It is Small Success Thursday over at  Come share this week’s small successes with us. This week was a travel week for my husband.  Thankfully he is home for a while, but things get a little topsy-turvy when he is on the road.  I managed to actually get some sleep while he was gone. […]

Dear Daughters: A Letter to Girls, Teens, and Young Women in Their Dating Years

*A note to moms and dads: Some of this may be hard to read or understand, but this is the reality of what our daughters are facing. Things have changed drastically since we were teens. Dear Daughters,   You are beautiful.  Every single one of you.  You are created in the image and likeness of […]

Book Giveaway Winner

    The winner of the Scott Hahn “Our Father” giveaway is Sherry! She has been notified. Thanks to all who participated. Another book giveaway will be coming very soon. Pax Christi!

March for Life 2014

Today marks the 41st Anniversary of Roe v Wade. Nearly 56 millions babies have been murdered since then. Unfortunately we could not make it to DC for the March. I will begin a Rosary at noon when the March will kick off. Today is a day of prayer and fasting for American Catholics. Let us […]

Book Giveaway: Scott Hahn’s Understanding “Our Father”

Don’t forget to enter for the first ever Book Giveaway on Holiness in Motherhood. Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Scriptural basis of the “Our Father”? Then this is the book for you. Details and how to enter can be found here. This is a private giveaway. Dr. Hahn and his publishers […]