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Celebrating Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary.  It has been an amazing and interesting ride.  I have learned more in the past 4 years than I did in the 29 previous years.  I know more about my self; my strengths and my weaknesses.  Marriage is a vocation because it is a path to holiness.  As I […]

My Daughter Stands in Solidarity with the Persecuted

My “Nun” Sticker Arrived!!!

My Help Nasara “Nun” sticker arrived today from my friend who got the printing done for our group.  Show your support for persecuted Christians and minorities in Iraq and Syria by purchasing one of our stickers or car magnets at our Etsy store.  All funds raised ($2.30 per item) go to the Catholic Near East […]

Why You Should Buy Our “Nun” Sticker

It’s hard.  You are inundated with letters and emails asking for money.  There are starving children everywhere, unborn babies being murdered, children are sick, diseases are all over, and the list goes on and on.  I get it.  I receive address labels from various charities every year and I feel a pang of guilt every […]

Help Raise Awareness and Funds for the Persecuted in Iraq and Syria

A group of us got together on Facebook to raise awareness and funds for Christians being persecuted in Iraq and Syria. All funds we raise above printing cost will go to Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA). We designed a car magnet and sticker to sell. Please go on Facebook and like our page, […]

On Suicide and Matt Walsh

Originally posted on Distracted Catholic:
In the wake of actor Robin Williams’ tragic suicide, internet bête noire Matt Walsh (predictably enough) published a controversial post on the topic. You can click through and read the whole thing: in a nutshell, he asserts that suicide is always, and in every case, a conscious choice on behalf of…