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Small Success Thursday: Lent and School

Today I am going to take a break from my series on sinful anger to participate in’s Small Success Thursdays.  I will say that beginning my Lenten series on sinful anger is a small success for this week.  For those of you who have struggled with anger at different periods of your life, I […]

Lenten Journey: Anger and Control Part II

Now that we have worked to identify what triggers we have that cause us anger, let’s look at the fact that these are all tied to some form of control.  Usually anger arises out of a desire to control someone’s feelings i.e. we want them to be sorry for what they did to us.  The […]

Lenten Journey: Dealing with Sinful Anger Part I

I have a confession to make:  I really struggle with sinful anger.  I don’t just mean that I get angry in the sense of the passion.  I mean that I struggle with rage and the desire for vengeance at certain times.  It is one of the reasons that you will find me in the confessional […]

Why Baptism during Lent?

This past Sunday’s readings were a strange connection of Baptism and the desert (for the Western Church).  We heard about the flood when God wiped out the evil of the world and saved eight righteous people.  Yes, the narrative is a pre-figurement of Baptism.  The waters of the flood cleanse the earth. We also see […]

Finding Quiet During Lent

Our world is noisy.  Even when we are sitting in silence in front our computers (as I am doing right now), it is still noisy.  I don’t mean the keys on the keyboard or the gentle hum of the fan.  I mean the pictures, articles, debates, violence, etc.  It is never ending.  It is a […]

Me in a Metaphor-New Blog

I love to write.  I just lack the discipline and time to write every single day.  I am a Catholic, wife, mom, and full-time graduate student.  I am also slowly learning how to be a disciple of Our Lord’s.  I have tried my hand at various blogs.  They never seem to really reflect who I […]