Hoping to Blog More Soon and Facebook Writer’s Page to Follow

I know I haven’t been writing much on the blog these past few months. First, I hope you are all having a very blessed Easter season. Life has been crazy between homeschool, grad school, my husband’s illness, book ideas, and my now broken fibula, so I had to trim  back and blogging was cut temporarily. I am also beginning work on my first book, but I will try to blog when I am able. My writing career is a constantly surprising ride that God is taking me on. Please pray for me as I write my book proposal and work with an editor at a Catholic publisher.

Since I am also moving into books, I decided that I am going to have to acquiesce a bit on social media and make use of a Facebook writer’s page. You can follow my work and progress on FB by searching for @constancethull. If you enjoy my work please like and share the page. I greatly appreciate your readership and I pray God continues to bless you on your journey to holiness. Pax Christi.