Adoption Adventure: Help Us Adopt

Thank you very much for reading and visiting my blog. My husband and I have discerned that God is calling us to grow our family through adoption. We have lost four children in miscarriage and we are blessed with one beautiful daughter here on earth. I have a variety of hormone deficiences that make it easy for me to conceive a child, but our children then die midway through the first trimester. To share our story, I will compile posts on our adoption journey here and they will be on the blog home page.

Adoption is prohibitively expensive. We are looking at $20,000-25,000 per child we adopt through our local Catholic Charities. They are the “cheapest” option. In order to make this a reality we have to humble ourselves before God and our neighbor in setting up a fundraiser to help us on this journey. The link to our fundraiser page can be found here:  No gift is too small and we are deeply grateful for any monetary gifts we receive and to all of you who share our fundraiser with family, friends, and people you know in social media. Thank you again! God bless you always.

Adoption Blog Updates:

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