Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to contact me with any thoughts and feedback. Please keep it charitable and in line with proper discourse methods i.e. no ad hominem attacks. I try to respond to reader’s emails, but sometimes I am unable to do so. Know that I read every email I get–within reason–and I pray for all of you. You can also use this form to send inquiries about speaking engagements, events, or inquiries about re-publishing my work. May God bless you always.


***I don’t respond to long diatribes, rants, or personal attacks. Save yourself some time if this is what you are going to send me. Chances are I won’t even read it because I don’t have the time, nor should I have to read such things. We all have an obligation to keep our emotions in check, even online. Say a prayer for me that the error of my ways will be revealed to me if in fact I am the one in error. God will surely show me if I’ve written something incorrectly, as I never intend to lead people astray and I am faithful to the magisterial teaching of the Church on all matters of faith and morals.

If you want to have an intelligent and reasoned discussion about a topic, then please feel free to contact me. My time is limited, so please keep it concise and to the point. There’s been an uptick in long, ranting emails lately, so I’ve added this warning to save both of us some time.

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