The Strange Ways God Heals Our Sufferings

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To be a Catholic is to live paradox. We may not be consciously or intellectually aware of this fact, or refer to it as paradox. Our Faith is centered on the greatest paradox of all, namely, the Cross. It is death that brings new life. Christ’s bloody, tortuous self-gift on the Cross brings about salvation for all of mankind. Saint Paul says it best in 1 Corinthians 1:18-25:

The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the learning of the learned I will set aside.” Where is the wise one? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made the wisdom of the world foolish? For since in the wisdom of God the world did not come to know God through wisdom, it was the will of God through the foolishness of the proclamation to save those who have faith. For Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we proclaim Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles, but to those who are called, Jews and Greeks alike, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength.

While I study and marvel at the paradoxes of our Faith, it is only recently that I found myself living paradox at a visceral level. In fact, when the world looks at someone in my circumstances it sees either “folly”, envy, or hatred. The truth is always stranger and much more interesting than fiction or perception.

My Cross becomes heavier.

Two months ago I lost my fourth baby in miscarriage. We named him Andrew Thomas. We discovered his death on August 8th, the Feast of St. Dominic. We named the baby after my hero, St. Thomas Aquinas, on a Dominican feast day. The pain of the last couple months has been intense and filled with questions, anguish, anger, and confusion. The sorrow of this miscarriage is coupled with the very likely reality that I will not be able to bear any more children to term. The NaPro hormone treatments I was on throughout the pregnancy did not increase my hormone levels at all, and after seeing a beautiful healthy baby with a strong heartbeat twice, our baby boy died. My family and I carry the dual Cross of the death of another child and infertility. We are living proof to a world that thinks it can control fertility that only God decides family size. It should also be a reminder to Catholics who struggle with being self-righteous, that not every family with one child is using contraception.

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The Federalist: Are Pro-Lifers Who Grieve Miscarriage Merely Envious of Abortive Women?

I just realized that I never posted my most recent article at The Federalist on the blog. Please read it carefully. I am arguing the pro-life position while systematically examining a question that I have been asked many times: Am I envious of women getting an abortion because of my miscarriages? This article takes a very abbreviated Thomistic approach. Honest intellectual inquiry means examining the other side and drawing conclusions, and even, similarities. Here’s the article:

On the surface, it may seem the pain, grief, and suffering a miscarriage causes the child’s parents could blind their ability to serve at abortion clinics or within the pro-life movement in charity and truth. Some have a pronounced emotional reaction to losing a child in miscarriage. Grieving individuals can lash out at others and envy what they do not possess—namely, a child or more children.

It seems logical for a person grieving a miscarriage to turn in hate towards those who choose to abort their unborn children. These individuals of their own free will intentionally kill their unborn babies, and those grieving a miscarriage want a child. While the danger of envy and hatred exists, reality is much more interesting.

To Parents, Children Are People from Conception
From the moment a pregnancy test reveals a positive sign, the mother and father begin to plan and dream about their new child, a specific person. Men and women experience parenthood in different ways, but come together to discuss names, purchase baby items, contemplate how to rearrange the house if necessary, and plan for the future. They start to see their family with the unique person growing in the mother’s womb.

There is great joy in discovering that a new person has entered the world. Pope John Paul II’s letter to women, “Mulieris Dignitatem,” discusses the deep bond formed at conception:

“The mother is filled with wonder at this mystery of life, and ‘understands’ with unique intuition what is happening inside her. In the light of the ‘beginning,’ the mother accepts and loves as a person the child she is carrying in her womb. This unique contact with the new human being developing within her gives rise to an attitude towards human beings – not only towards her own child, but every human being – which profoundly marks the woman’s personality.”

From the beginning, a woman unites to her child in the very depths of her being and understanding. It is possible to suppress this understanding, which occurs in abortion. Those who endure the loss of a child in miscarriage, however, often profoundly experience this understanding. There is no question in their minds that a child, their child, is lost. This is precisely why the grief is so profound, even if it is done largely behind closed doors.

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Miscarriage and Abortion: To my Interlocutors

I know that it is hard to understand me. Things I say and do are maddening. It is easy to push me away and to reduce my actions, words, and love, yes love, to hatred or envy. Often when we make choices out of fear, power, ignorance, or even apathy, we turn on others because they reveal those choices to us in some way. This is why when someone like me honestly shares the truth about pain and loss, I am accused of hatred or envy. I get it. In openly discussing the reality of miscarriage and the loss of a real person, I am implicating abortion. This implication is abhorrent to some, ignorant to others, and a long awaited sense of freedom and healing for so many.

I was supposed to grieve silently and on my own. I am supposed to take my cues from the abortion culture and pretend that I didn’t lose a child, or if it was a child, to grieve behind closed doors. I won’t grieve silently anymore, and neither should anyone else. In doing so, my desire to share my suffering in the service of others was greatly misunderstood by many. I knew this would happen, but I am not who you say that I am.

It has been a painful road, but that is the nature of this life. Suffering is an aspect of being human that comes to us all. It is what we do with the pain that matters. I choose to share it, not only for mothers, fathers, siblings, and grandparents who grieve miscarried children, but for women and men who have had abortions or who are contemplating an abortion. My bringing to light the miscarriage-abortion problem is not a condemnation. I condemn no one, but I have an obligation to save women, men, and unborn babies from abortion. This obligation is not born of envy and hatred. It comes from love. I want to address two accusations from my interlocutors. First, that I am envious of women having abortions and second, that I hate abortion supporters and those who choose to have an abortion.

First, envy by its very nature will not drive a person outside of themselves in the service of others. Envy is to covet, desire, or want to take something that is not ours. It is to hold what someone else has in such a high regard, that we do damage to ourselves. We no longer see the good within us, because we want what someone else possesses. Envy is deadly for a reason. It causes us to cave in on ourselves and to focus on what we have not been given or earned. Envy steals gratitude and robs us of happiness. I do not pray at abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood in these parts, out of envy. How could I? Why would I want to share anything with a person of who I am envious?

It is true that for a woman like myself, and I know countless other women, it is difficult for us at times to be present at a clinic where women are choosing to deliberately end the lives of their own children. We live in a world where I apparently can only have one child, who I am eternally grateful for, but where millions of women who can keep a pregnancy kill their children and their own motherhood of their own free will. I wouldn’t be human if it didn’t hurt me, but I am not envious. Their children, your children, are not mine, although my husband and I would adopt them in a heartbeat. I do not have a claim to them and I know this, so I am not driven by envy. I would stay home and write angry articles and blogs, rather than go pray in front of an abortion clinic. I wouldn’t share my own suffering in the service of others, instead I would rant and rave about what I don’t have in my own life. Some of you took the sharing of my pain as complaining, but you completely misunderstood my desire to help others who suffer as I do. Reducing me to a whiner is to completely disregard my purpose and my point, and quite frankly, it is to let yourself off-the-hook in trying to understand me.

In our culture, civil public discourse has been completely abandoned. Social media has become a place for people to spew vitriol in a vile manner because it is easy to hide behind apparent anonymity on the Internet. We should know by now that nothing we do or say on the Internet is ever truly anonymous or private. This has created an environment where anyone who disagrees with us automatically hates the other person or a group of people. This is a way to discard, discredit, or label a person. More often than not, however, this charge is false and it betrays the accuser’s own anger and inability to listen to opposing viewpoints. In the case of someone like myself–and the vast majority of those who pray diligently in front of abortion clinics, provide resources or time to crisis pregnancy centers, who gather items for poor women in crisis pregnancies, or who even write or speak on this topic–it is to confuse hatred and love.

Like envy, hatred does not drive us outside of ourselves. If we choose to publicly unleash our hatred on a particular issue, our message is automatically ineffective and revealed for what it truly is: An impotent clanging gong. Hatred is not accompanied by charity. Hatred is not sustaining and it consumes us, not the people we are trying to attack. I do not hate you. I honestly do not hate anyone, not even terrorists, and I saw the horrors of 9-11 in person as a relief worker. Hatred destroys us and I know that, so I do not fall for that trap. No, I love you, your baby, the father of the baby, and your family and friends. I don’t stop to ask whether or not that love is deserved. I love the people who have screamed at me. When I pray at the local Planned Parenthood the sign I hold is one I made and it says “You and your baby are loved beyond measure” and my daughter holds a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help holding the baby Jesus. I am not there to condemn you, but to be a loving and peaceful presence during a time of fear and confusion.

Love is not a feeling. Feelings may accompany love, but love in itself is not a feeling. Feelings are fleeting and change from moment-to-moment. Love is to will the good of another. It is to desire the genuine good for someone else and to go outside of ourselves in the service of that good. My miscarriages have taught me the deepest compassion and love for women seeking an abortion. It may seem “logical” to the culture for my pain to turn to hatred and envy, but it has not. The opposite has occurred. My pain has been transformed into a deep desire to help those women I see walking in and out of Planned Parenthood in my community.

As I said, love is to desire the good of another. That means my desire in love, the reason I am in front of our abortion clinic, is because I want those women to know that fear does not have the ultimate say. Whether it is fear of poverty, motherhood, dropping out of school, anger from family and friends, pressure from the boyfriend, husband, or parents, fear of medical conditions or whatever it is driving that choice, we all have the ability and courage to stand up to fear and pain. What is lost in choosing an abortion is tremendous. It is not only the loss of a child, your child, it is the loss of motherhood. It is a loss of the greatest opportunity to love and be loved.

Motherhood transforms a woman into the greatest person she can be, whether it is through biological, adoptive, foster, or even spiritual motherhood, for those women who cannot have children, those who have chosen chastity in the service of God, and those women who serve children in a variety of ways. In having children, our lives move away from being so much about ourselves, and they are changed into the service of another. This may sound daunting and burdensome, but we were made to and for love. In truth, the more we give of ourselves, the more we receive in return. There is a profound joy in motherhood that cannot be attained anywhere else. We only have to be open to love, sacrifice, pain, and joy.

I would never say that choosing motherhood is easy. It is not. It comes with tremendous sacrifice. There is nothing that has taught me more about my selfish nature, a nature we all have, than motherhood and marriage. Yes, my career path changed drastically when I became a mother. I did a lot in my Twenties. I served in naval intelligence, went to college, interned at The Heritage Foundation, lived in Europe, and the world was my oyster, but even with all of my accomplishments I knew that I wanted something more. My daughter is that more.

My daughter is greater than anything else I have ever done or been given. She teaches me daily in the art of wonder, beauty, self-sacrifice, and innocence. There is nothing in this world like hearing someone call you “Mommy” and in hearing your child tell you they love you each day. It is this joy, mingled with immense suffering through the four babies I have lost in miscarriage, that drives the compassion inside of me to pray at abortion clinics, collect supplies for women in need, and write about this topic knowing that I will be attacked for my honesty.

I know what lost motherhood feels like. I know what it is to lose an unborn child. I also know the abundant love of motherhood. No, I don’t hate you or envy you: I love you. I know that love can seem unbearable, unwanted, or burdensome. At the deepest level of our existence, we are made for love, genuine love, and that is what I am doing at Planned Parenthood and in my writing alongside the countless others striving to build a Culture of Life. I am striving, imperfect as I am, to will the good of another.

What I Really Am Thinking While I Pray at Planned Parenthood



I have learned a lot in the three years that I have participated in 40 Days for Life and have prayed outside of Planned Parenthood.  The first time that I went, was when I was five months pregnant with my daughter.  It actually was not a good experience the first time because someone tried to scare us off, but we stayed.  Once my daughter was born I started taking her with me.  She sat in her stroller, and now she walks with me or someone else while we pray, or she kneels beside me.  We get lots of honks of support, and we get yelled at, or flipped off  a couple of times.  There is a lot of pain and anger in the world.

All of that pain and anger puts a pretty dark cloud over the abortion issue.  There is a lot of propaganda, on both sides, really.  Although, I firmly believe that the pro-abortion folks lie and keep the truth from a lot of these families.  I think that they have been lied to themselves, and just don’t know any better.  I hate to say it, but I am sure some of them just don’t care that a human life is extinguished.  What I mean to do is give my side and experience as someone on the front lines of the abortion fight in our country.  I have chosen peaceful prayer and a presence of witness as my tactics.  I also provide resources to poor women who contact a parish ministry that I work with along with three other women and I send people to our crisis pregnancy center.
What am I thinking when I kneel or stand outside of my local Planned Parenthood?  It probably is not necessarily what you think.  First, you have to understand what I want for these women, babies, and men who walk into the clinic.  I want these women to know that they have options.  I don’t want them to feel trapped or coerced into ending the life of their own child.  I want them to feel less alone.  I want them to see themselves as God sees them.  I want them to see their child as God sees them.  Motherhood is not easy, but the joy and gifts are worth the work. 
My daughter has taught me more in her 2 years of life than I have learned in 32.  She has shown me how deeply selfish I am.  She has shown me what it is to love unconditionally.  She has made me a better person.  My daughter has vastly increased my capacity for joy and a love of life.  She blesses me way more than the pain and heartache that come with motherhood.  When my daughter sits with me outside of Planned Parenthood, I want these families to see that children are a tremendous gift.  Perhaps not all women or couples feel that they can care for a child.  That is why they need to know that adoption is always an option.  
Today I was out at Planned Parenthood with my daughter and some friends.  Saturday is surgical abortion day.  It is heart-wrenching to see these groggy women stumble out of the clinic.  Usually a man or parents are with them.  I am overcome with deep sadness and compassion for these women.  I wonder what kind of despair would make a person choose to kill their own child?   My righteous anger is not towards them.  Rather, I am upset with the boyfriend, husband, or parent that drove them there.  That person failed to love that woman as she deserved.  She needed her boyfriend to be a man and stand up for her and their child.  She needed someone to tell her that it would be ok and that she would be taken care of.  To tell her that she was not alone.  To tell her that killing her own child is wrong.  The people who drove her to that clinic failed to take away her despair.  They did not give her any hope.
The other thing that bothers me is that the clinic workers do not try to help these women to their cars.  They have been drugged up and undergone surgery.  One woman today sat in her car almost the entire hour I was there talking to her parents.  As the abortionist and clinic workers left, not one of them went over to see if she was ok.  I desperately wanted to go over and check on her, and give her a Rachel’s Vineyard contact card.  My heart hurt for her, but I would be arrested if I went near her.  I can’t really do that with my 2 year old daughter with me.
It is hard to know how to react when someone leaves on surgical abortion day. I do not like to stare at them and make them feel condemned.  Rather, I try to maintain a prayerful posture.  We are not going to bring people to Jesus Christ, if we are condemning and cold-hearted.  Yes, killing your own child is a grave and horrible sin, but we need to bring these people to Our Lord, so that they can repent and receive the freedom of forgiveness.
At least the surgical abortion people see us.  We are a presence on that day for them.  A reminder of something more, of hope.  For the women who go home to do a chemical abortion, they are alone and isolated.  Once again someone has failed to love her.  Someone has let her bleed out her own child alone in her bathroom.  Or perhaps they stay with her, but they abandoned her when they helped her procure the medication to kill her child.  Abortion is always a failure to love.  That is what makes it so difficult.  The purpose of 40 Days for Life is not to reign down hellfire, it is to show men and women that they are not alone. Because, quite frankly, once they step foot in that abortion clinic, they are alone.  No one there is going to help them keep their child.  Stepping into that clinic is to despair and abandon Love.  We need to bring those people to either for the first time, or back, to the Divine Life.  We need to be a reminder that Jesus Christ conquered sin and death for all people out of his infinite love and mercy.
So, yes, I have periods of righteous anger, most especially at Neo-feminists and abortion industry workers who have been deceived and deceive others.   I also struggle with being mad at the men who drive these women to the clinics.  They failed these women, and while I know these women make the choice to end their child’s life, I pity them.   But, more than anything, the whole thing makes me deeply sad.  It brings me to prayer.  It brings me to the Cross and I bring all of those people I see each time I am at Planned Parenthood with me to the Cross.  I pray for their conversion.  I pray for their healing.  I pray that someday that may be truly loved in the manner they deserve.

To All the Men Out There


For decades radical feminism has beaten men into submission.  This is extremely prevalent within the abortion sphere.  Men are told that the baby is not theirs, but is only the woman’s.  After all, only wanted babies belong to the mothers AND the fathers.  Men are told that they should support a woman in murdering their child, because he should be enlightened and show women the respect they supposedly did not get pre-1960.  That’s right, the respectful thing to do is to knock a girl up and then drive her to the abortion clinic.  Do I think that this is how most women, who are scared and do not know what to do, feel when they decide to go visit the local abortion clinic?  No.  Rather this is the face of big abortion and radical feminism.  It is not the face of the young college student who is terrified from the positive pregnancy test, or the teenage girl who is forced by her parents to get an abortion, or the older man who takes his underage girlfriend to get rid of the evidence,  the couple who is terrified of having a child, the woman who is in an abusive relationship, or the poor woman who is just trying to make ends meet.  In fact, I would guess that a lot of these women want the men in their lives to stand up for them, tell them they will support them and their child, and that everything is going to work out.  And for the women who are victims, what they need is someone to help them, not kill their child.

Men, we need you to speak out.  We need you to take care of the women you are in a relationship with.  We need you to man up.  We also need you to take your place on the side of life.  We need ALL men to stand up, whether you have been personally touched by abortion or not.  We have all be touched by abortion, 1/6th of our country is missing and has been killed since 1973. This is not just a “women’s rights” issue, this is a human rights issue.  Over a billion men worldwide have lost fatherhood thanks to abortion.  55 million and counting have lost fatherhood in this country alone.  You have a right to stand up and say”no”.  More than that, you should witness to these women and show them what it looks like to be a real man: a provider, brave, strong, a man of God.
We need you to be praying with us outside of abortion clinics during 40 Days for Life.  We need young men (including teenagers and children), middle aged, and older.  We need all of you to show the world that fatherhood should not be tossed aside.  That murdering children and future generations is not acceptable in the false name of equality. That God created male and female in the image and likeness of God, each with a unique dignity.
Today, my daughter and I went out to join our parish Knights of Columbus in praying a living Rosary.  It was a powerful witness to Divine Love, mercy, and the Culture of Life.  We had men, women, teenagers, and a toddler asking Our Lady and Our Lord to convert souls and to bring healing and strength to these families who are torn apart by the scourge and lie of abortion.  I have met the courageous men who pray with me outside of our local Planned Parenthood.  I greatly admire them.  They have not bought the lie of the secular culture.  Instead they stand in front of the world and declare that they have a voice.  They pray for these women, men, and babies who are hurt and destroyed each day.  These are the real men of our age.  Please come join us!  Be courageous!  Be for LIFE!

Why 40 Days for Life?



I firmly believe that Our Lord has called me to the pro-life ministry and crisis pregnancy ministry.  It is something that I have always been passionate about. In high school, when I had to deliver a speech on the abortion issue and why it was deeply immoral to murder the unborn, it became clear to me how deeply this issue has been imbedded in our culture.   I was the only person defending life in a classroom of 40 people.  I took barrage after barrage of questioning.  Never giving in to emotion and sticking to reason.  My teacher gave me an A+ and he could not believe how I handled the attacks.  My years as a varsity debater had paid off.

It was something that went to the back burner during my years in the Navy.  Political activities are not encouraged in the  military and while it is a moral issue that has been turned political, it just wasn’t something I worked in while I served.
It was when I moved back to Montana to finish college that I started to think about the issue again.  I was more involved in politics, and I have to say that it was politics that first brought it back to the forefront of my conscious thought.  I started to see the staggering numbers of aborted children in this country and across the globe.  I was able to see more clearly the lies of radical feminism and what it has done to our country.  So I focused on politics for a couple of years.
Then something happened.  I had returned fully to the Church after a few wayward years and was married and thinking about children.  I met some wonderful women who were devoted to the pro-life mission and I joined with them in serving the local parish.  I read Evangelium Vitae, which transformed my understanding of the Church and the Culture of Life.  It became clear to me very quickly that the scourge of abortion has infiltrated the Church in horrible ways.  While our media likes to portray Catholics as obsessed with abortion and contraception, the opposite is true.  Many people are either apathetic or hostile to sanctity of life ministries.  I was not prepared for attacks from within the Church.  
My husband and I eventually switched parishes to the parish we are members of currently.  I immediately joined the Sanctity of Life Committee and began work with the three women who are deeply devoted to helping women, babies, and families, as well as educating Catholics on the Church’s teachings on marriage, human sexuality, abortion, justice, etc.  We had tremendous backing from our parish priest, but a lot of the issues I faced at my previous parish, are still in my current parish.   I cannot quite put my finger on it.  I don’t know if it is apathy.  That is my biggest fear.  To paraphrase Venerable Fulton Sheen, ‘the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.’  My husband thinks that it is fear.  That makes sense.  Putting yourself out there in an issue that generates a lot of conflict does require courage.  I often wonder if it is that we are too busy?  I would say that is part of it.  Americans are inherently busy and the really important things tend to be put on the back burner. I speak from personal experience here.  To be honest, I hazard a guess that it is because a lot of Catholics have not experienced a real conversion to Jesus Christ.
To follow Jesus means to wade into the muck.  It is standing up to injustice in the face of overwhelming odds.  It is radically loving our neighbor, even when they do not want that love.  It is sacrificing our time, treasure, and talents.  Everything belongs to Him.  Once we know the joy of following Christ, we are given the grace to go out and bring people to that joy.  That means going into the streets looking for the poor.  It means helping the mother who feels that abortion is her only choice.  Even though these things make us deeply uncomfortable.  Christ came to shake us out of our complacency.  We all do it and we all need a wake up call.
I am not saying that Christ is calling all people to be devoted to the ending of abortion full-time.  We are all called to serve in some capacity, but perhaps not be in the front lines.  We all have unique talents.  Perhaps He wants you to work in soup kitchens or a shelter, or to visit and serve the sick, or work with refugees.   I believe God wants me to use the talents He gave me serving these women and families who are facing abortion, or those poor women who need supplies for their pregnancy. I do both, as Pope Francis tells us to do.  We must bring about change and true justice, but we must also serve the poor in love and mercy.  I do believe that we are all called to share in the Culture of Life.  Our fallen world needs hope, and we are the bearers of the hope, the Church.  Jesus Christ is with and in His Church always.  He guides us and He wants us to go out and share in His mission.  Do we truly want His mission?  We must all ask ourselves this daily.
Can you give an hour to testify to the joy and love of the Living God, twice a year?  40 Days for Life runs in the spring and in the fall.  To date over 7000 babies have been saved by the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign. How?  Because our loving presence reminded these women and men that they have a choice. So many of these women believe that they have no choice.  That is one of the great lies of the “pro-choice” narrative. We remind these desperate people that there are options.  We show them that the Truth is stronger than the lie.  Thanks to this peaceful campaign, abortion clinics are closing at record rates, while crisis pregnancy centers that minister to these families are on the rise.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I really started getting involved in pro-life ministry.  When I was 5 months pregnant with her I participated in my first 40 Days for Life prayer vigil outside our local Planned Parenthood.  I knew deep within me that every woman should know the joy and beauty of motherhood without the pressure, pain, and despair of abortion.  I also know that the idea of “choice” is a lie.  Not only because I know that life begins at conception, but more importantly, because I know that so many of these women are forced or coerced into having abortions by families, boyfriends, abusers, and the abortion industry.  My heart breaks for these women.  And these women are more common than the media would have us believe.  I pray for these women, and the abortion workers, because I know that they have fallen for a lie.  The evil one has deceived as he always does.  I want to show them the Truth and the Life.  I want them to find peace in the one who saves all of us sinners.  I am a sinner who works in the vineyard of Our Lord trying to help other sinners.  Will you not join us?  Will you show these people who dwell in darkness the Light?
I understand that standing out in public in front of a Planned Parenthood is scary.  I know that it takes courage.  I am not going to lie to you.  People will yell at you and flip you off.  People may even try to argue with you.  But, at least here in the Bible Belt, more people honk in support than scream expletives.  Think of Christ on the Cross.  People screamed at him and mocked him as he died for their sins; as He died for all of us.  Defending the Truth takes faith and courage, both of which come from the Holy Spirit.  So please prayerfully consider taking an hour of prayer this fall.  You can find information about your local 40 Days for Life at
Remember, as Christians, we are not there to judge or bring hate.  And I am not talking about the secular “virtue” of tolerance either.  Rather, we are there to testify to Love and Hope.  Some of these people have never encountered Christ crucified and risen.  Some of these people are despairing and some are deeply deceived.  Just like us they are created in the image and likeness of God.  Our prayers can save them from years of pain, torment, and regret, and we can save them from the brutal murder and torture of their unborn child.  In this country alone 55 million babies have been murdered through abortion.  That number continues to climb and it is over one billion worldwide.  Pray that the Culture of Life may invade and convert all hearts.  Pray for the families who have had abortions.  Pray for those considering abortions.  Pray for those who work in the abortion industry.  With God all things are possible and the Culture of Life will prevail.  God bless you.
As we begin 40 Days for Life tomorrow we pray:
Saint Michael the Archangel, 
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, 
by the Divine Power of God, 
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.