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A Moment of Beauty: Wildflowers

It’s been a little while since I have had a beauty theme on the blog, so today it is wildflowers in honor of summer. All images were found via a Google Images search for “Wildflowers”. God bless.

Have a Blessed Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you have a very blessed Memorial Day weekend. Please take a moment to pray for our fallen service members. God bless.

Today’s Beauty Theme: Lavender Fields for My Daughter

I have not been able to write much in the last few days. My daughter and I have been battling a chest cold and when she is sick she wants me to snuggle with her 24/7. Since I won’t be able to write today I wanted to share some more beauty. I am a firm […]

Today’s Beauty Theme is Spring

I have finals over the course of the next two weeks, so most of my time will be taken up with my primary vocation and study. I then get a month off from classes, so I will begin writing regularly then. It will be Easter, so there will be plenty of material. Until then I […]

Let God Woo You

This morning I looked out the window and was reminded of one of my favorite movies: Shadowlands. It is the story of C.S. Lewis as played by Anthony Hopkins. It focuses on Lewis’ years well into his conversion when he marries his wife, Joy. At one point he is sitting in a library at Oxford […]

Gardening: Playing in God’s Creation

You care for the earth, give it water;you fill it with riches.Your river in heaven brims overto provide its grain. And thus you provide for the earth;you drench its furrows;you level it, soften it with showers;you bless its growth. Psalm 65 This morning I was out in the morning sunshine picking kale with my daughter […]