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Surprised by Beauty for Friday: Countryside

The next few days will be busy for me with papers due and reading to be done so I won’t be online much, but I wanted to put up a beauty theme because of how important I think beauty is in the spiritual life and in daily living. My husband and I have begun our […]

Monday Beauty Theme: Quiet Places

The last few days have been very busy. I have been going almost non-stop. We also found out that my brother-in-law is very sick with what appears to be meningitis. So it’s been a hectic and disconcerting time. When I sat down to do this week’s beauty theme the word that came to me was: […]

Monday Beauty Theme: Sunny Autumn Days

Monday is the day I take my daughter to the local Catholic Homeschool Co-op, so I don’t have much time for writing. Instead I thought I would post some more beauty. It has rained 9 days out of the last 10, so it has been a great blessing for the sun to come out today. […]

Friday is for Beauty: Appalachian Mountains

I am a Montana native with a great love of the Rockies, but I now reside in the Appalachians. They have a softer and less rugged beauty, but they are stunning in their own right. So the Appalachians are today’s beauty theme. All images were found via Google Images. God bless. Happy Feast Day of […]

Today’s Beauty Theme is Mountains

Today’s theme is mountains. Being a Montana native, I can never get enough of mountains. God bless! *These images were found via a Google Images search*