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Another God Inspired Encounter with a Complete Stranger

I had another one of those encounters that I’ve mentioned in previous writing with someone while I was out tonight. The thunderstorm we had knocked out the computer systems at store I was at and they discovered it right as I went up to pay. The system needed multiple re-boots and I could have left […]

Catholic Exchange: Why the Culture Wars Don’t Evangelize Souls

Image taken from Wiki Commons. I recently started reading Bishop Robert Barron and John L. Allen Jr.’s book To Light a Fire on the Earth: Proclaiming the Gospel in a Secular Age. I’ve read quite a few of Bishop Barron’s more theological books and I own both the Catholicism series and the most recent Pivotal […]

Maintaining Our Spiritual Reserves

I came to the end of my day today and felt frustrated. I was irritable from the chronic hormone issues I battle and the poor dietary choices I made today. What we put in our bodies has a huge impact on our mental and physical well-being. The more I pay attention, the more I see […]

Looking Past the Monotony of Daily Living In Order to See God’s Gratuitous Love

Image taken from Wiki Commons. It is easy in our daily lives to discount the seemingly minor encounters or experiences we have throughout any given day. We are so busy going through the motions that we often forget to pay attention to where God is blessing us and showering us with His gratuitous love. He […]

Leading People to Christ Rarely Begins with Teaching Sexual Ethics

Image taken from Wiki Commons. As I scroll through my social media feed looking at the day’s news, I am struck by the sheer commonality of the sin of presumption on display. It appears that far too many of us–myself included at times–do not understand Our Lord’s admonition that we are not to judge other […]

The Significance of Dawn

I woke up before sunrise when my husband pulled back the curtains in our beach level hotel room in Virginia Beach. I already planned to wake up early so that I could sit on the beach alone watching the sun rise before our daughter woke up for the day. I’m a morning person anyway, so […]