Moving and Unexpected Changes

I’ve had multiple people ask me recently why I haven’t been writing at Catholic Exchange. After 7 years of writing almost weekly for them, I decided to take a break from regular writing. God has been moving my family and me in a new and unexpected direction. We are actually moving across the state–eastward!–where I have been hired as the Director of Faith Formation for a priest-friend’s parish and our daughter will attend Catholic school for middle school and high school.

There has been a lot that has led us in this new direction. A lot of doors were closed–some slammed–on us in the last 1.5 years, which were God’s way of leading us to look outwards from our current comfort towards the unknown in order to see where He wants us to go. We never thought we would move to a beach town. My husband is not a big beach person, but God calls where He calls and we are trying to obey His will even as we don’t fully understand it. I love the water, so I’m excited to live in an area with both fresh water and salt water options for kayaking.

I’m hoping to return to some writing after we move and get settled. We are in the process of negotiating on a house we would like to buy. Please pray for us. There are some hiccups with when the owners want to vacate the house and when we need to be there, so our daughter can start school and I can start my new job. My husband will have to work quite a bit on site in our current area and then remotely from our new home. The first year will be difficult, but we trust God will provide since this is clearly His will for us. Once we made the decision to move, doors began opening.

Thank you to all of you for reading and for those who have monetarily supported my ministering to priests and seminarians. I plan to continue ministering to them from my new home. May God bless you always through the intercession of Our Immaculate Mother and St. Joseph.



P.S. I will still be speaking at the Diocese of Worcester, MA’s Women’s Conference on October 1st!

3 Replies to “Moving and Unexpected Changes”

  1. I live FL, but have been a reader of your blog, as well as your postings on Catholic Exchange, since my conversion. I did notice your absence, as I was listening to you guide your parish consecration, and it stopped suddenly. I’m so happy that it wasn’t due to a health crisis in your family. I am happy for your move, and the new important opportunity to serve God, and others. Once you are all settled, I will look forward to again being able to read your sincere blog, which has always been worth my time. Godspeed your move safely, and always keeping you and your family in His care.

  2. P.S. In 2013 I went to the annual conference of the American Chesterton Society at Assumption College in Worcester, MA. If you do get a chance, drop over to the Albanian church across the street from the college (St. Mary’s), that has breathtaking icons. Mary (again)

  3. You are a faithful & gifted writer. May God continue to bless your move w/all the graces your family needs. What a gift to be in the center of God’s perfect will- the best place for all of us to be & an awesome example for your daughter

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