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Catholic Exchange: Learning Balance Alongside St. Martha

A good many of us live busy lives.┬áThis busyness can become burdensome as we pack our days with activities, work requirements, family engagements, and especially during periods of illness or suffering. Our service to our families and our neighbors can become a source of resentment, exhaustion, and spiritual malaise. This is precisely why Our Lord […]

Catholic Radio Interview Audio File

  For those who are interested here is the audio file from my interview with John Harper on Morning Air this morning. I start at about 16:25. Pax.

Catholic Radio Interview Wednesday July 26th

Hi all, I will be interviewed by John Harper on Morning Air at 715am ET on Wednesday July 26th. We will be discussing my most recent Catholic Exchange piece on envy and suffering. Pax, Constance

My Husband’s Diagnosis

My husband’s lung biopsy results came in late yesterday afternoon. It is as we feared. He has a rare form of pulmonary vasculitis. We knew it in our guts already, but my first response was “dammit” and a lot of tears. The disease is Wegener’s-Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis. It is an auto-immune disease that attacks the […]

Sporadic Writing Due to Husband’s Medical Issues

My writing will remain sporadic for the foreseeable future and I may not return to grad school this year. My husband has developed a serious disease and keeps coughing up a lot of blood. All common causes have been ruled out. Cavities i.e. Holes keep forming in his lungs. He must now have a thoracic […]

Catholic Exchange: Evangelization and Reaching the Broken

A good friend of mine from high school died recently. It was a tragic death. This was not at all surprising to me because I worried that he would meet an early and untimely death. He died at the age of 37. The sadness and grief I feel are even greater because I knew deep […]

Catholic Exchange: Getting Out of God’s Way and Cooperating with His Divine Plan

**Hi all, I know my writing has been sporadic the last few months. Thankfully, it looks like our health issues are abating. My husband and I have both had one of those years. I am hoping to return to more frequent writing. I had to take a break from grad school due to my gall […]