I have learned a lot about writing in the last two days.  I have had the most intense days of writing that I have ever experienced.  Characters pressed themselves upon me and I had to put pen to page, literally.  I have written 36 pages by hand in two days.  Not only that, I have …

40 Days for Life Fall 2013

Don't forget to go pray at your local abortion clinic with the 40 Days for Life campaign in your area. If you cannot commit to an hour, just stop by and say a Rosary or other prayers. Even 15 minutes can be a witness to the power and love of Christ.

My First HCG Injections

My first HCG injections arrived today. They are being used by my doctor to treat my estrogen and progesterone deficiencies. If you have had repeated miscarriages, post-partum depression, PCOS, severe PMS, or other gynecological issues check out the Pope Paul VI Institute and find a doctor in your area.