Cinderella: Child-like Innocence, Christology, Beauty

Today I will not be writing much. Instead I have found some pictures as a feast for your eyes to instill wonder. Here in a couple of hours I will be taking my daughter to see Disney’s most recent Cinderella. It is directed by Kenneth Branagh. I have been a fan of his since junior high and his Much Ado About Nothing is still one of my favorite renditions of Shakespeare’s play.

Based on the reviews I have read, Branagh keeps to the original story and does not bring cynical neo-feminist ideas into the film. The fairy tales are enduring because they ring of truth and they cannot be conformed to the whims of the age. This is most fully realized in the Brothers Grimm tales that have an underlying Christology. You can read a wonderful review and explanation of symbolism on Fr. Barron’s website here. In fact, that review made me want to see the movie all the more.

So my daughter will wear her Cinderella dress and we will go enjoy the 2 hour film that focuses on good and the desire Christ has for each one of us. I thought I would post some images that I found in a Google search. Some are from the movie and others are beautiful castles that can be found around the world. Movies like Cinderella help us to recapture our child-like innocence, as well as remind us that God made man and woman for one another. Enjoy! Happy Feast of St. Joseph!



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