Today’s Beauty Theme is Human Beings

Today’s beauty theme is human beings. We are created in the image and likeness of God. Each person of the over 6 billion people on this planet has inherent dignity bestowed by the Blessed Trinity. The height of God’s creation is the human person. *Once again, not my pictures. I am just sharing the beauty from Google images and I have no claim to these images.*

0a04899873b6ea554a97f255261ed3d814e84993d-cb23-415a-91ad-c8cd9c51bf4b..crop_1386x729_54,0.resize_1200x630.format_jpeg.inline_yes67.-happydanes2638050-2-the-little-dancer-ciudad-col-n-costa-rica20070131_jh0316img_0330iStock_000022161065_Mediumromanian-men-women-wedding-romanians-national-costumes-traditions-eastern-european-peopleIYD 3On-March-8-people-around-the-world-will-come-together-to-celebrate-International-Women’s-Day.-Thiswoman-travel-tour-group-vertWhat-people-around-the-world-eat-in-a-day-Infographic-618x350Africans-17310125530683_06356a30d4_haround-the-world-605LCL_AA_CITIZENSHIP_T1_IMG_1stunning-portrait-33timthumb.phpsmiling-man-beard-scarftraveling-in-europe-as-a-canadian99037257_T2_student_236541choly_trinity-255x320

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