Email/Comment Responses from Me

I had to make the decision, as my writing progresses into new circles, that I will be unable to respond to all emails or comments I get on specific pieces I publish. I cannot respond to complex theological, moral, or ecclesial issues in emails. There is a reason books are written. I do not have the time between my family and my school obligations to do justice to such topics. I’m sorry. I have tried to respond in the past, but I realize my efforts are often futile and only put a burden on my family and me. I am juggling homeschooling my daughter, papers, finals, and comprehensive exams for graduate school, and multiple articles on a weekly basis. Something has to give and email is it.

Many writers reach this point when they start writing for bigger websites. The emails and comments I received over the last year and a half at Catholic Exchange were manageable, but now that I am also contributing when I can at The Federalist and I am working on pieces for other large websites, I cannot keep up with all of the emails. I don’t even read the comment sections on my articles once they devolve into ranting. I will also continue to write regularly for Catholic Exchange and blog as time allows.

I do read all of the emails I receive and I am grateful for the people who take the time to write to me. Thank you!  In the future, however,  I will only respond to those emails asking urgent questions or work related inquiries i.e. re-publishing of work, other publications, radio or other interview requests, or speaking engagements. I will respond to the occasional comment here on the blog or elsewhere when I have a free moment. 

I do want to express my gratitude for all the messages I received in the past and any I receive in the future. Thank you for your feedback, encouragement, insights, the occasional grammatical or typo correction, and stories. As to the people who wrote, or in the future, write to rant and rave at me, I am not sure what all of you thought you would accomplish in doing so, but I wish you the best. Yelling at me is never going to change my mind, and if it is the truth, then nothing will change my mind. :o) God bless.

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