Surprised by Beauty: Frosty Mornings

For this lovely Friday afternoon I am sharing some more beauty. We are expecting our first autumn frost this weekend, so the theme is Frosty Mornings. All images are from Google Images and are not my own. There were so many gorgeous options, especially from the U.K. It made me miss it. I lived there for 14 months about 10 years ago. Pax.

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Worcestershire River Avon
Worcestershire River Avon

Monday Beauty Theme: Quiet Places

The last few days have been very busy. I have been going almost non-stop. We also found out that my brother-in-law is very sick with what appears to be meningitis. So it’s been a hectic and disconcerting time. When I sat down to do this week’s beauty theme the word that came to me was: quiet. I decided to search for images that depict quiet to me, or at least I would sense quiet if I were where the pictures were taken. None of these pictures are mine and all were taken from Google Images.


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Special Beauty Wednesday: Rainy Days

Today I am going to take my daughter out for a fun Mommy-Daughter day. I have written a few intense pieces lately, so I thought an unexpected beauty stop would be a good idea. We have been starved for rain in these parts and finally have gotten some much needed storms. So today, the beauty of a rainy day. All images were gleaned from a Google Images search for “rainy days”. God bless.

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Rainy Day Wide Desktop Background
Rainy Day Wide Desktop Background

rainy-feature romantic-rainy-day-hd-7

Today’s Beauty Theme is Spring

I have finals over the course of the next two weeks, so most of my time will be taken up with my primary vocation and study. I then get a month off from classes, so I will begin writing regularly then. It will be Easter, so there will be plenty of material. Until then I will just post beautiful images that I find in order to focus on God’s beauty and goodness. The vernal equinox began last Friday, so for today, I will share pictures of spring from around the Internet. I hope you have a very blessed Passiontide.

Cherry Blossom wallpaper Peach flowers (2)crocus-318291_640du lich tet at mui vietravelSpringspring-10spring-blooms-longwood-gardens-680uwSpring-Wallpaper-Free-Desktopspring-wallpaper-tulip-flowersholy-trinity