Special Beauty Wednesday: Rainy Days

Today I am going to take my daughter out for a fun Mommy-Daughter day. I have written a few intense pieces lately, so I thought an unexpected beauty stop would be a good idea. We have been starved for rain in these parts and finally have gotten some much needed storms. So today, the beauty of a rainy day. All images were gleaned from a Google Images search for “rainy days”. God bless.

0 260a59b8dac65496ca93fc5946932e54 44041107_d676a32a17_b2 1315229860_Rainy_Day April_RainyDays_700x400 BE72A6FFE filepicker_Gz6Wp7v8TCeJVVRsqby3_rainy_day_remake_by_rhads-d515f8k I-Like-Rainy-Days-l it__s_raining_tears____by_sweetsurrender13 l-Rainy-days rain_day-web RainyDay31 Rainy-Days-Images-3

Rainy Day Wide Desktop Background
Rainy Day Wide Desktop Background

rainy-feature romantic-rainy-day-hd-7

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