Surprised by Beauty: Frosty Mornings

For this lovely Friday afternoon I am sharing some more beauty. We are expecting our first autumn frost this weekend, so the theme is Frosty Mornings. All images are from Google Images and are not my own. There were so many gorgeous options, especially from the U.K. It made me miss it. I lived there for 14 months about 10 years ago. Pax.

1a9c8ae9f48bee928227b7041618b4f3 10320_7401262064b97785b69455 12475-frosty-morning-1920x1080-nature-wallpaper article-2516420-19C681D600000578-891_634x383 earth-treasure-trove-1-24 frost-1 Frosty morning frosty_morning_england frosty_morning_sunshine_snow_rays_tree_hd-wallpaper-963334 frosty-morning-in-regents frosty-morning-on-brandon


lets-travel-to-russia-with-alexei-mikhailov-frosty-morning mrz_0030_1_2_tonemapped

Worcestershire River Avon
Worcestershire River Avon

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