Monday Beauty Theme: Quiet Places

The last few days have been very busy. I have been going almost non-stop. We also found out that my brother-in-law is very sick with what appears to be meningitis. So it’s been a hectic and disconcerting time. When I sat down to do this week’s beauty theme the word that came to me was: quiet. I decided to search for images that depict quiet to me, or at least I would sense quiet if I were where the pictures were taken. None of these pictures are mine and all were taken from Google Images.


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Monday is for Beauty: Rivers

At the very dawn of creation your Spirit breathed on the waters,
making them the wellspring of all holiness.
Roman Missal, Easter Vigil 42, Blessing of Water

full-nature-landscapes-of-mountains-wallpapers GangeRiver hd-wallpapers-river-nature-cool-desktop-background-widescreen img-rivers-mountainriver-russia LZmL.48 African River, Luapula River, N Zambia LZmL.262 Chimpempe Falls, Kalungwishi River, N Zambia river_meandering river460 Rivers_001a-big thumb_big_wide_5dbc887b7446db2e9f5b58091940acf3 Trinity-River wallpaper_rivier_animaatjes-33

Special Beauty Wednesday: Rainy Days

Today I am going to take my daughter out for a fun Mommy-Daughter day. I have written a few intense pieces lately, so I thought an unexpected beauty stop would be a good idea. We have been starved for rain in these parts and finally have gotten some much needed storms. So today, the beauty of a rainy day. All images were gleaned from a Google Images search for “rainy days”. God bless.

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Rainy Day Wide Desktop Background
Rainy Day Wide Desktop Background

rainy-feature romantic-rainy-day-hd-7

Today’s Beauty Theme is Water

Today’s beauty theme is water. I was thinking of a theme and then it started raining. Water is beautiful, cleansing, keeps us alive, and is linked to Baptism. *Once again not my pictures. They are from a Google Images search*

Have a blessed weekend!

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