Today’s Beauty Theme is Water

Today’s beauty theme is water. I was thinking of a theme and then it started raining. Water is beautiful, cleansing, keeps us alive, and is linked to Baptism. *Once again not my pictures. They are from a Google Images search*

Have a blessed weekend!

4e7e8c9f-a5f2-48e5-96d1-848e95fd7787 8d4a1e670fb35bc2cac795fa0d9af1b2 25 1082126863 5945485303_02d471be1f_z 131010143250-rivers---amazon-story-top rain Rain-Room-Random-International-MoMA river-1920x1080-006 spectacular-waterfalls-victoria-rainbow waterfall4 waterfalls-55a Wind River Range, Wyomingbeautiful_sunset_nature_oceans_sky_1080x1920 Cirque-of-the-Towers-Wind-River-Range-Wyoming fotografia-w-deszczu7 Free-download-Ocean-Desktop-Wallpapers-cool-background-images-widescreen Green River Reflection NicoGiovanni Doiy baptisim at Our Lady of Mercy in Westlake.20130919_162047

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