Liturgical Living: Feast of Epiphany Birthday Party for Jesus

Yesterday was the Feast of Epiphany.  The Roman Church has a week of Christmas left before we enter back into Ordinary Time.  The ladies who help me run the Sanctity of Life Committee at our parish and I decided to host a Birthday Party for Jesus.  We needed to collect crisis pregnancy items and what better way than to ask the families of the parish to bring a gift to Baby Jesus? This is the Sunday we celebrate the Magi bringing gifts to Our King, so it is a perfect day for a party.  We had the Knights of Columbus provide food and the Women’s Club helped us decorate.  We were all nervous about how it would go, and by the grace of God, it was a hit.

We were able to collect a lot of items for our local Catholic Charities and we had a great time celebrating the birth of Our Savior.  We played musical chairs, Pin-the-Tail on Mary and Joseph’s Donkey, the clothes pin game, and had crafts.  Plus, there were lots of cupcakes and our priest even won a round of musical chairs!  This is a great way to remind Catholics that we are still celebrating Christmas.  It did not end on December 26th.  It is also a great event to use as a fundraiser, especially helping babies and moms in need.  This is another way to live liturgically.  You can have a birthday party at home or start one in your parish.  Merry Christmas!

P.S. I am slowing moving into blogging regularly again.  I have a few columns to write for that I need to finish and then I can get back into a regular routine.







2 Replies to “Liturgical Living: Feast of Epiphany Birthday Party for Jesus”

  1. This looks like so much fun!! I am glad it was such a success also, happy birthday Jesus! Hope you guys had a marvelous Epiphany, we are celebrating the magi here tonight ourselves by having a small party and gift exchange with my in-laws. I like it better because it doesn’t have the pressure put on it like you find the secular world puts on Christmas.

    1. What a great idea to have a small party with your in-laws! We would have done something at home if I was not in charge of the party at the Church. It was such good fun. Epiphany blessings to you!

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