Getting Rid of Our Counterfeits In Order to Grow in Holiness

If the Faith we profess does not have the Cross at the center, then it is a counterfeit.
If the Faith we profess does not have the Cross at the center, then it is a counterfeit.

I am going to be honest, lately, I have really been struggling to read prominent Catholic bloggers.  It does not matter where they sit on the spectrum of “spirit of Vatican II” to rad trad.  In the Catholic blogosphere, the writers have almost created their own Magisterium.  As I read various blogs,  I find myself shaking my head.  There is always something missing when I read them.  I mean this predominately for blogs by members of the laity.  The priests’ blogs focus more on spiritual depth and how to respond to our times in the Light of Christ, while the laity focus on a more political dimension.  I don’t tend to read these blogs with my heart burning with the fire of truth.  Have you ever heard a Homily or read something from the Church in her vast history, and thought to yourself: “This is the Truth!”?  I have and it doesn’t happen when I read blogs.I am not saying that I am any better.  I am working on studies that will help me share the Truth in a more eloquent and loving way. 

I am noticing, that we are content with our counterfeits.  This is the nature of sin.  We would rather embrace a falsehood, than the real thing.  I see this in my own life.  For instance, I was debating with someone who was arguing that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said that our individual consciences supersede the Church.  The breath-taking arrogance and pride of it was evident.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 1776-1802), makes plain that our consciences must be formed in the light of Christ and His Church.  Yes, our conscience is what guides us, but for it to be perfected and properly ordered to God, it must be formed by the Church.  If it is not, we fall into error and heresy, which is precisely what was going on in this discussion. That is when it hit me:  We would rather have our own church than the real Church.

Being Catholic is not easy.  It means, by God’s grace, we are to submit to His authority, not our own.  How often throughout your day, do you struggle with this?  I know I do!  When my daughter wants me to play tea party and I would rather be reading.  God’s will for me is to be her mother.  When I have two gay friends who tell me they love one another, my inclination may be, to acquiesce, but that is not what God calls me to.  He calls me to share His love and His Cross with them, rather than the easy road.  Calling acts evil, is not judgment, it is love.  To love is to will the good of the other.  The ultimate good is God and freedom from sin.  Yes, we need to be civil in our tone, but we also need to be prepared for people to reject us.  When we share the Truth, there are those who may reject it, as Our Lord was rejected. 

So, what is my point?  We need to summon the courage to go after God and His Church, the authentic Jesus Christ. What are the counterfeits in your life?  Are there aspects of the Church you are struggling with right now?  Are you working towards deepening your knowledge of Christ and His Church?  Are you working on your prayer life?  On the path the holiness, we have to relinquish our counterfeits for the real thing: Jesus Christ.  God bless.

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