Me in a Metaphor-New Blog

I love to write.  I just lack the discipline and time to write every single day.  I am a Catholic, wife, mom, and full-time graduate student.  I am also slowly learning how to be a disciple of Our Lord’s.  I have tried my hand at various blogs.  They never seem to really reflect who I am.  I am not crafty and I am still trying to figure out motherhood, so I am not a “mommy blogger”.  I am very intellectual and I love theology, philosophy, poetry, literature, art, architecture, etc.  Those are things that I can share.  I am homeschooling my daughter.  We just started an unofficial pre-school program, so I can share my triumphs and failures as a teacher and a mother, but I wouldn’t want to call this a mommy blog.  I am also a wife and I can share my insights as I work to be the wife my husband deserves.  I guess I am figuring out my call to marriage and the theological gifts that Jesus has given me.  This blog is the unification of those two callings in my life.

So this blog and its rather metaphorical title seem to represent who I am as a writer.  I am slowly, and with much fear and trembling, trying to swim the depths of my vocation and theological study.  The things that give me the most joy in this life are the Blessed Sacrament, the Church, my husband, my daughter, and studying theology and philosophy.  Studying the Blessed Trinity, the Church, and all that that encompasses (eternity) is like having the libraries of Heaven opened to me.  It is awe-inspiring and lifts me to inexpressive heights.  I will do my best to share.  With God’s guidance I am figuring out my place within my vocation and the Mystical Body.

I do not want this blog to stifle in polemics.  I am concerned that the Catholic blogosphere has become too divided, angry, ignorant, and noisy.  Yes, there are issues that matter, but they are only a small portion of what it means to be Catholic.  In order to do battle in the secular world, we must be growing in holiness.  That means we must be sharing holiness first and then we can be prepared for the spiritual and physical battles that await us.  So I hope that this blog will bring some quiet.  Occasionally, I might wade into polemics, but for the most part I want to focus on holiness first.

So, welcome to my journey.  We can be sojourners together as we attempt to grow in holiness, in order to reach our ultimate end: Sainthood and Heaven.

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