Friday is for Beauty: Stained Glass

It is Friday and a good day for marveling at and contemplating beauty. Today’s theme is stained glass. There are so many beautiful options, so I will revisit this theme many times. These were gleaned from a Google search and are not mine. I hope they bless you as you prepare for the weekend. God bless.

00OVVG-41850484 76812225_826ac5fdc6_b Carlow_Cathedral_St_Dominic_Receives_the_Rosary_from_the_Virgin_Mary_2009_09_03 images Immaculate-Heart-of-Mary JesusMary

Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Lourdes

stained_glass_archangel_st_mary__s_wilmington_nc_by_davidmcb-d56f365 stained-glass8 stained-glass-of-virgin-mary-adam-romanowicz

One Reply to “Friday is for Beauty: Stained Glass”

  1. Beautiful. I saw and photo a window in San Juan PR cathedral window. It depicted the souls in purgatory. It influenced me so much that I remember to pray for them frequently during the day.

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