June Giveaway: In Honor of Father’s Day

Hi all! I have decided to do a June GIVEAWAY for fathers (including clergy :o) ), (or men or women) who love St. Joseph. I will be giving away this lovely statue which I will have delivered right to your door from The Catholic Company. This is a private giveaway and The Catholic Company has no idea who I am.

To enter: Please leave a comment on this post sharing what you love about your dad or any other man who has had a profound impact on your life.

I will announce winners NEXT Wednesday, June 17, 2015. I will ask the winner to email me their full name and mailing information at swimmingthedepths@gmail.com. So be sure to check my blog NEXT Wednesday to see if you won.  God bless.


4 Replies to “June Giveaway: In Honor of Father’s Day”

  1. I would love to have this for Ronny! St. Joseph is his patron saint. (Ronny’s middle name is Joseph!) We have a statue of St Joseph one Ronny has had since childhood. It has slightly chipped and beat up…I even knocked it over once while dusting it and poor Joseph’s face came off!! I glued it back!! Ronny is an incredible example, to me and our children, of what walking in the faith means.

  2. My brothers. They’ve overcome a harsh upbringing and I am very impressed with how they are raising their children and the Dad’s each of them have become. I wish them all a Very Blessed Father’s Day. My husband, who has worked so hard to provide for his 4 sons. He has said a morning prayer to St. Joseph for as long as I have known him. What a beautiful way to show him how much I appreciate all that he is to our boys.

  3. My husband’s patron. His name is Joseph. We lost our St. Joseph statue when moved down here 17yrs ago. I would like to have that statue for my husband now bc he’s had a bad year health wise. He suffered 4 seizures bc of high blood pressure in April and was in the icu. He is still recovering and has some short term memory loss. Maybe St. Joseph then would say some extra prayers for him.

  4. It’s so ironic to have found this image on my Reader because my husband finished his St. Joseph Novena last week! My husband is the most incredible spouse and father, and I attribute much of it to his heartfelt devotion to St. Joseph. He shared something with me the other day about St. Joseph that really stood out to him. He was having a rough day with work (he’s an agent for a Catholic fraternal organization and the men he was calling that day weren’t being very charitable), and was feeling down. As we were talking about it, his shoulders straightened and a smile lit his entire face. “I’m so blessed,” he told me slowly. “I get to provide for my family with a desk job. St. Joseph had to carry huge logs on his shoulders, often doing the work of several men to provide for his family as a carpenter, and he must have been the happiest man on earth. What do I have to complain about?” Now, every time a grumble comes into my head, I think about my husband and his wisdom on St. Joseph, and suddenly, my problems mean nothing. Saint Joseph is his model for fatherhood. I’ve seen tears enter his eyes many times as he talks about emulating the love St Joseph had for Jesus,the son God had entrusted him with and the Savior of the world, applying it to his love for our two children (and the one on the way) and the love he has for Christ. If it wasn’t for my husband’s passion and love for the Catholic faith, I don’t know that I would have ever considered Catholicism, and if it wasn’t for his devotion to Mother Mary and St Joseph, I don’t think I would have recognized the beauty and perfect example the Holy Family make. Sorry this comment is so lengthy, I could go on for ages about my wonderful spouse and all he does for our family, and I know this statue would absolutely thrill him this Father’s Day. God bless you!

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