Book Review of the Cookbook Near & Far for Blogging for Books

Near & Far Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel contains exotic recipes from around the world and beautiful photographs to kindle a desire to prepare the recipes. The cookbook contains recipes from Morocco, Japan, Italy, France, India, and inspiration from San Francisco living. It is an excellent resource for the more adventurous cook. Those desiring quick meals with more common American ingredients may find the cookbook a bit too overwhelming. I must confess that while I enjoy trying new foods and cooking from a wide variety of countries in my family kitchen, I did not recognize some of the ingredients and they would be difficult to track down in my area. The author provides a wide array of both hot and cold dishes that provide a varied approach to vegetarian cooking. There are also recipes from different growing seasons for those who cook with what is in season.

While I find the cookbook to be a feast for the eyes with all of lovely photographs, something I prefer in my cookbooks, it is not a cookbook that I would use frequently in preparing a dinner for my family. Back when I lived in the city and had access to a lot of different ingredients I would have used a cookbook such as Far & Near. I definitely recommend it for those people who have a more exotic palate and who have access to international ingredients in a way those of us in more rural areas do not.

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