Hi all! It has been a little while. Any regular readers probably noticed that I dropped off of the radar, including at Catholic Exchange. I’ve been battling rather painful gall bladder disease for the last 1.5 months. I had to go through a series of tests and finally see a surgeon when it was discovered that my gall bladder was working at a whopping 17%. A surgery date was set for this coming Thursday. That wasn’t good enough for my gall bladder. It decided to tank and I ended up in the ER Friday in excruciating pain. When my surgeon couldn’t get the pain under control with pain meds, he admitted me to the hospital, and performed the gall bladder removal surgery on Saturday morning. So, I am recovering from surgery. I am hoping to return to writing soon. I even had to take a medical leave of absence from graduate school. I will provide another update once I have recovered from surgery. God bless you all!

6 Replies to “Hello”

  1. An hour prior to your post I received a notice from the You Caring site to check your update. It had been posted at Thanksgiving, but it put you in my thoughts, and now here is your up to the minute post. I will pray for your full recovery from gall bladder surgery, and that your adoption paperwork will be approved and the process will move forward.

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