Adoption Home-study Completed!!!

Our adoption home-study is officially completed!!! We are now legally cleared to adopt. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. Now we wait on the Lord to guide us and see His plan for our family.  Our YouCaring fundraiser is still up and running because adoption is insanely expensive. The home-study cost us $4000. That’s $4000 for a maybe since there is no guarantee of adoption. Adoption fees can range from $5000-20000 depending on if we end up in a private placement with a single mother we know or an agency adoption in 1-3 years. Pray for perseverance, patience, and charity for us.  A happy and blessed Easter to you all.

Our fundraiser can be found at this link. We are truly grateful for all prayers, shares, and financial support:

2 Replies to “Adoption Home-study Completed!!!”

  1. Constance, thank you for sharing this with us! I have wondered, as I’m sure have others, what
    has been going on with your adoption situation. This will be a time of stress for you three and
    we pray Our Lord will give you all the grace needed for this important time! May God bless you

    We adopted 38 and 33 years ago and found the process grueling, stressful, yet strangely comforting. We believed that God would not let us be infertile without granting us the desire for
    children, so we left it all in His hands. He blessed us twice, with a girl and then a boy, who filled
    our lives with all the things which children bring, joy and sorrow. We will continue to pray for you
    and your situation, believing that the Lord has great plans for you and your family!

    Will you please pray for us? Our kids were 14 and ten when we converted to Catholicism, in
    1994. It was a great gift for us! However since then, our son Andrew has told us that he does
    not believe there is a true God, or Jesus. I tried to speak with him, but was unsuccessful. We
    had always been close, but at the age of 29 he refused to have any further contact with us.
    Naturally, our hearts are broken and we pray for him constantly. He is a good person though,
    and I long for the grace and mercy of God for Andy. Life has also, not surprisingly, disappointed
    him. It would be wonderful for us to know you were praying for him and us, as we pray for you!

    Constance, you remember how Our Lord loves you, knows your heart’s desire, and hears your
    prayers. I believe God wants to answer your prayers for a larger family, more children to love
    and care for, for fulfillment in your life. Keep this in mind, regardless of how things look now
    and in the future. God has plans for your family!

    May God bless you richly in all things, especially this!
    In Christian love,
    Deb Eklof

    1. Thank you, Deb! I haven’t been writing very much lately. My gall bladder surgery went well, but I still have stomach issues. My doctor is doing an endoscopy on Wednesday to see if I have an ulcer, gastritis, or my hiatal hernia has gotten bigger. I’ve not been feeling well at all, so I have been trying to focus on my family and trim back on extra activities that I do, such as writing.

      I greatly appreciate your kind words, continued reading, and prayers. Once the doctor can figure out the best course of treatment for my stomach, we can focus more on which path to take with adoption. Now that our home-study is complete, we can look at our options. God bless.


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