Today’s Beauty Theme Cathedrals and Churches

I hope all of you have a very blessed Holy Week. I will actually write a post tomorrow on how the Sacred Triduum kept me Catholic and brought me back to the Church after a few years of wandering. I have a final exam tonight, so for today, I will keep up my beauty theme. Since it is Holy Week, I wanted to start with beautiful churches and cathedrals.

3-2049494-st_peters_basilica-rome 105001 338986 architecture church cathedral 1680x1050 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_48 Traditional Cathedral_of_Exeter_edit cathedral-4b-w Cathedrapetri+gloria Europe September 2010 451_thumb[2] gloucester-cathedral-001 gothic_cathedral_carousel img_4967 Kloster1 Lincoln_Cathedral_by_DBM92 modern-cathedrals Monreale3 Piazza-san-pietro-wallpaper reims-wfront-sept07-de4330sar800 RomanEmpire7 Sainte-Chapelle_gnosne st._peter_s_basilica_rome st-peters-basilica_6809_600x450 VatInt5KLg

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