2 Replies to ““Get a Job” and the Oversimplification of Poverty”

  1. Thanks, well said and thought provoking. I met Jesus during the 70’s Jesus movement. I was raised in a nominal and dysfunctional family and supposedly Catholic. I joined a Mission Organization, YWAM. I have traveled a lot before I got married and the after my divorce more so. I am not somone with a degree of any sort but have observed much. So, to make it short, when asked for food I offer to buy food but no money. When asked for change or a dollar or two, I tell them my name and ask theirs. I give them the money and ask if they have any prayer needs and ask if I may pray for them. Mostly they say yes. As for the money God never question me when I spend money on coffee and other things….. so…… I do not concern myself either.

  2. I enjoyed this article. Some are meant to fight against abortion, euthanasia, etc. and others in the various issues related to poverty or violence. I feel I am here to help meek animals and help poor woman, who choose to abort or want assess to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Horrible things are said to woman like regarding abortion, “She should have thought about that before she opened her legs.”; putting the blame on the woman and giving no responsibility to a man. Once a woman menstruates, she can get pregnant. “If she is raped, it’s not the babies fault.” So it’s the woman’s fault again? Only God can judge, so good job.

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