The Saints and the Cross Episode 13: St. Paul

Today I talk about St. Paul and the nature of the communion we share in Christ. With this exile from one another comes the temptation to division, whether due to our politics, beliefs in relation to the Church, or how best to deal with this pandemic. The vitriol and anger in social media that breeds division is from the Enemy, not Christ. We must seek to be a light in these dark times in order to enter more deeply into communion with Christ Our Glorified Head and one another.

3 Replies to “The Saints and the Cross Episode 13: St. Paul”

  1. Hi Constance,
    I have been following your blog for sometime and enjoy your comments so I feel you maybe able to help me with a debatable question.
    My deceased father was a follower of Pope Pius x, a brother and my eldest son are also, neither of them go to church because of their beliefs, and they have been told they are not committing a sin because the new Mass is not the true Mass. There are no churches of that order close by, so they say prayers of the Mass from their missals.
    During the virus shutdown a Pope Pius x Priest has called at the house with Communion and hearing confessions, on my son’s invitation, we found that not a problem because my husband and I were bought up with the Latin Mass.
    I am not a 100% happy with some things in the English Mass, for eg. it doesn’t feel reverend enough, and there is little respect shown towards the Host. Up to 10 months ago my husband and I received the host in our hands but after an awaking we now receive the Host on our tongue.
    The question is would we be wrong to change our alliance? I feel the Holy Ghost is whispering in my ear. Instead of Mass about 4 per week, we would be going to Mass about once a fortnight or once a month. But nothing would be stopping us from making visits etc. to the local church but not to attend Mass.
    How do you feel about the Latin Mass compared with the English? I feel it would be beneficial for my son because he would be able to receive the sacraments. We found there is a Mass once a month, 2 1/2 hours away and are prepared to attend but would that be ok.
    I will be awaiting your reply, thank you.

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