The Saints and the Cross Episode 12: St. Helena and the True Cross

Today I talk about St. Helena and the True Cross. I have a rather mysterious connection to St. Helena and I share a little bit about my own journey and my temporary guardianship of three holy relics of the True Cross. I have learned that the Cross is non-negotiable if we want to become saints. During this time of affliction, we need to lift high the Cross and call all people to Christ’s love poured out for our salvation. We can also participate in the redeeming work of the Cross through offering our suffering united to Him on the Cross.

One Reply to “The Saints and the Cross Episode 12: St. Helena and the True Cross”

  1. Thank you for all your beautiful talks. It has taken me quite awhile to understand the true meaning of why we have to suffer, and why some suffer more than others. It’s even harder to explain that it’s God’s will.
    My eldest child suffers with PTSD, (Police) he has lost everything, his job, his investments (had to sell them to pay lawyers) his so called friends, his pension fund, and I could go on. His father and I live with him, and we can’t see any future for him, because he doesn’t seem to want to get any better. We live one day at a time.
    Keep up the good work.

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