Pray and Fast on Friday

The world has been a mess since the Fall.  There are always storm clouds on the horizon for human beings throughout the world, including in our own country.  The USCCB has asked Catholics to consider fasting and praying on Fridays.  My husband and I started abstaining from meat on Fridays a couple of years ago, except on Feast Days, and during Easter and Christmas.  Have you thought about answering the Bishop’s call?  There is much to pray and fast for in our world, from hunger, to violence/war, persection, homelessness, abortion, illness, accidents, grief, attacks on family/marriage, our own messed up government (think HHS mandate and all of the petty shutdown activities), and the list goes on and on.  I encourage you to give up something on Fridays.  Giving up the Internet is a sacrifice for me, so I will be fasting from the Internet tomorrow. What can you give up as a sacrifice on Fridays?

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